Why DIY Furniture is a Trend of the Past

Custom made furniture

Why DIY Furniture is a Trend of the Past

Say Goodbye to Stock Standard Designs

The majority of DIY furniture comes packaged in a cardboard box, ready to be shipped off and assembled. There is a lack of individuality in these mass produced items as each piece of furniture is identical to the next. In response to this, more and more individuals are turning to bespoke, custom made furniture. With this, customers are able to make adjustments to the design so the piece is just right for their specific situation. Custom designs are also appealing as they provide a sense of individuality.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

It’s best to leave large projects to the professionals in order to ensure the best result and least frustration in the shortest amount of time. They are professionals for a reason – they’re great at what they do. By leaving the furniture making to the pros, you will be rewarded with a custom made furniture that will truly stand the test of time.

Prioritise Your Time

DIY, flat pack furniture can often take several hours, if not days to complete. The process is long and frustrating, with many hours spent indoors trying to decrypt instructions when they could be better spent elsewhere. Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekend outdoors, seeing friends or simply relaxing than trying to assemble a new shelving unit?

Minimise Negative Energy

Let’s face it. How many times have you become unnecessarily angry or frustrated that you assembled an item incorrectly, or that you couldn’t figure out what to do next? Assembling flat pack furniture is a sure fire way to get worked up over practically nothing. How can we avoid this you say? Simple. By purchasing custom furniture that does not need to be assembled, you are investing in a more solid piece, whilst avoiding the all too well-known nightmare of DIY instructions.