5 Tips to Keep Your Entertainment Unit Organised

Unit Organised

5 Tips to Keep Your Entertainment Unit Organised

Have you taken a look at your entertainment unit lately? Does it closely resemble a bird’s nest of cables? If so, now may be the right time to overhaul your entertainment unit and give it a proper spring clean.

Bundle and Tie Cords

Long electric cords are unsightly and can potentially act as tripping hazards. They also become easily tangled and are often left sitting on the floor, doing nothing but gathering dust. A simple way to minimise the mess created by long cords is to bundle up each cord to the exact length between the two items it is connecting, securing it in place with a cable or twist tie. This will dramatically reduce the amount of space the cord takes up, ensuring it is less of a tripping hazard.

Clean Out the Space Periodically

It is an excellent idea to periodically clean out your entertainment unit to ensure it retains maximum functionality. By doing this every 6-12 months, it will be much more manageable than leaving it for extended periods of time.

Get Rid of Dated Technology

Do you still have an old VHS player that you never use anymore, just sitting there taking up space as it collects dust? Or a dated cassette player that you haven’t used in the past decade? These old electronics are often very bulky, with outdated aesthetics. They sit unused in many entertainment systems, adding to the amount of visible clutter in the room. Take an afternoon to get rid of anything that has been long replaced or is no longer functioning. This will have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of your setup as it will leave the space with only the necessary, practical items.

Have Dedicated Spaces for Items

It is important to have dedicated spaces for specific items to keep your unit organised. Large electronics such as TV monitors and gaming consoles would also benefit from having a designated home. This can easily be achieved with custom designed furniture. Other smaller items such as games, CDs or DVDs would also benefit from having a dedicated storage area. This will ensure all media items are neatly organised and easy to find.

Overhaul Your Media Collection

If you still have old video tapes, cassettes or even old CDs and DVDs, it may be time to have a good look through your collection and discard anything you no longer use. Simply put, there is no point in owning hundreds of tapes if you don’t have a working tape player to play them in. Furthermore, anything that you haven’t watched in the past few years you probably won’t be needing again. Everything is quickly moving towards digital, so perhaps even CDs and DVDs will soon become redundant.